About us

About Us

Welcome to englishsun.org, your source for information about the Ram Mandir and its significance in Hinduism. We are a team of writers passionate about sharing the history, culture, and spiritual importance of Ayodhya and the Ram Mandir temple. 

Our goal is to provide comprehensive yet accessible articles detailing the legends of Lord Rama, the history of Ayodhya, and the complex journey towards the construction of a new Ram Mandir on the holy site believed to be Lord Rama's birthplace. We want to educate readers on the central role this temple holds in the Hindu faith across India and the world.

At englishsun.org, you'll find in-depth articles covering topics like:

  • The legend of Lord Rama and his exile from Ayodhya
  •  Archaeological evidence supporting the location of Lord Rama's birthplace 

  •  A timeline of the Ayodhya dispute and efforts to rebuild the Ram Mandir

  • The religious and political significance behind the Ram Mandir movement

  •  Detailed information on visiting Ayodhya and the ceremonies and rituals conducted at the temple

  •  Profiles on key historical and contemporary figures involved in the Ram Mandir cause

  •  Interviews with devotees, priests, and others connected to the temple

  •  Photo essays and videos documenting the architecture, artwork, and devotional atmosphere of the Ram Mandir

Our writers have extensively researched the history and cultural context around the Ram Mandir to provide nuanced perspectives. We aim to showcase why this temple is a vital part of India's spiritual landscape.

Please explore our site to learn more about this important piece of Hindu heritage. Let us know if you have any suggestions for topics you want covered related to the Ram Mandir and Ayodhya. Our goal is to foster greater understanding around this significant religious and cultural monument.

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