Bhola Shankar Movie Review | A Mediocre Action Drama with Moments of Brilliance



Bhola Shankar Movie Review | A Mediocre Action Drama with Moments of Brilliance
Bhola Shankar Movie Review | A Mediocre Action Drama with Moments of Brilliance


In the realm of Telugu cinema, where action and drama often entwine to captivate audiences, "Bhola Shankar" emerges as a mixed bag of emotions and performances. With a runtime of 2 hours and 40 minutes, the movie directed by Meher Ramesh, despite some noteworthy elements, struggles to break free from its clich├ęd template.

Cast and Crew:

The film stars the charismatic Chiranjeevi in the titular role of Shankar, supported by Keerthy Suresh as his sister Maha, Tamannaah as Lasya, and Sushanth as Srikhar. The directorial helm is taken by Meher Ramesh, while Anil Sunkara produces under the banner of AK Entertainments. Mahathi Swara Sagar provides the musical backdrop, and the film's cinematography is creditably handled by Dudley.


The narrative kicks off with a grim subject - woman-trafficking. Shankar (Chiranjeevi) arrives in Kolkata with his sister Maha (Keerthy Suresh), where he inadvertently gets entangled in a web of crime. As he turns to driving a taxi for sustenance, the Calcutta police seek his help in cracking down on the heinous crime. This sets off a chain of events that lead Shankar down a perilous path, intertwining his life with Lasya (Tamannaah) and her brother Srikhar (Sushanth).

The plot unfolds as Shankar unveils his dark past and his motivation for being in Kolkata. Amidst a backdrop of action and drama, the film explores themes of justice, vengeance, and the battle against a criminal network engaged in woman trafficking.

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Chiranjeevi's towering presence and seasoned acting elevate the movie, providing moments of brilliance amidst a sea of mediocrity. His dance sequences and portrayal of Shankar's emotions add depth to the character. Keerthy Suresh delivers a decent performance as Maha, while Tamannaah's lively screen presence and chemistry with Chiranjeevi offer occasional sparks.

Technical Aspects:

The film's technical aspects present a mixed bag. Dudley's cinematography effectively captures the action sequences and enhances the visual appeal. However, the background score by Mahathi Swara Sagar falls short of creating a lasting impact, failing to elevate crucial scenes.

Director's Approach:

Meher Ramesh's attempt to infuse the movie with style and substance often falters due to a lackluster screenplay. While some sequences manage to engage, a majority of the film feels trapped in an outdated formula. The director's reliance on conventional storytelling elements and failure to inject freshness hinders the movie's overall impact.


"Bhola Shankar" struggles to escape the gravitational pull of its formulaic structure, occasionally shining through with Chiranjeevi's powerhouse performance. Despite fleeting moments of brilliance and engaging action, the film succumbs to predictable patterns, leaving audiences craving a more innovative approach. While Chiranjeevi's presence adds value, "Bhola Shankar" remains a mediocre action drama that falls short of its potential.

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Rating: 2.5/5

In a cinematic landscape hungry for innovation, "Bhola Shankar" takes a step forward with its performances but stumbles in its execution, leaving room for improvement and a desire for more impactful storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ) 

1. What's" Bhola Shankar" about? 

" Bhola Shankar" is a Telugu action drama film directed by Meher Ramesh. The story revolves around Shankar, portrayed by Chiranjeevi, who becomes entangled in a web of crime and trafficking. It follows his trip to uncover the verity and seek justice.

2. Who are the main cast members of" Bhola Shankar"? 

The film stars Chiranjeevi in the supereminent part as Shankar. Keerthy Suresh plays his family Maha, while Tamannaah portrays Lasya. Sushanth is seen as Srikhar, and there are other notable cast members as well.

3. Is" Bhola Shankar" a remake of another film? 

No," Bhola Shankar" isn't a remake. still, the film draws alleviation from colorful action and drama rudiments generally set up in the Telugu film assiduity.

4. Who directed" Bhola Shankar"? 

The film is directed by Meher Ramesh, who's known for his work in Telugu cinema.

5. What's the standing of" Bhola Shankar"? 

" Bhola Shankar" entered a standing of2.5/ 5 from a popular Telugu movie review platform.

6. What part does Chiranjeevi play in the film? 

Chiranjeevi plays the part of Shankar, a hack motorist who gets involved in a series of events related to crime and trafficking.

7. Are there any name performances in the movie? 

Chiranjeevi's performance as Shankar is stressed as a name aspect of the film. His depiction adds depth and intensity to the character.

8. How is the cinematography in" Bhola Shankar"? 

The cinematography by Dudley is praised for effectively landing action sequences and enhancing the visual appeal of the film.

9. Does" Bhola Shankar" offer anything unique or innovative? 

While the film incorporates rudiments of action and drama, it's noted that the prosecution could have been more innovative, with occasional moments of brilliance.

10. What are the themes explored in" Bhola Shankar"? 

" Bhola Shankar" explores themes of justice, revenge, and the battle against felonious conditioning similar as woman trafficking.

11. Is there a strong emotional element in the film? 

Yes, the film includes emotional moments, especially in Chiranjeevi's depiction of Shankar and his relations with other characters.

12. Does the movie have engaging action sequences? 

The film does point engaging action sequences that showcase Chiranjeevi's prowess and elevate certain parts of the story.

13. Is the background score poignant in" Bhola Shankar"? 

The background score by Mahathi Swara Sagar is noted to be less poignant, and some observers felt that it could have contributed further to the overall atmosphere of the film.

14. What's the overall verdict of" Bhola Shankar"? 

" Bhola Shankar" is supposed a medium action drama with moments of brilliance, primarily driven by Chiranjeevi's performance. The film's prosecution and script, still, leave room for enhancement.

15. Is there a name aspect that makes" Bhola Shankar" worth watching? 

Chiranjeevi's important presence and performance are stressed as the name aspect that adds value to the movie.

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